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Questions & answers

1. Is Scandinavian Advanced College(SCAC) an accredited college?

Scandinavian Advanced College is accredited by European Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation (EAHEA). In addition, due to its remarkable achievement of being ranked as the 9th best online university out of 250 online universities worldwide.  Click here to learn more about our accreditation.

2. How do I apply for a master's program at the university?

To apply, you can visit and CLICK APPLY.

3. Scandinavian Advanced College(SAC)'s annual University fees

At Scandinavian Advanced College, our primary focus lies in fostering skills development, valuing it above the financial aspect of students' education. We prioritize equitable access to education over monetary considerations. For students hailing from developed countries, the annual tuition fee is set at 5000 Euros but now we offer partial scholarships where our students pay only 412 Euro per Semi-semester. We have 4 semi-semesters per year, which means that the student should be able to pay 412 Euro every 3 months. If you are 2 friends or siblings applying, you will get 100 Euro off each of you.

For PhD students the tuition differs: The tuition fees per year for those from developing countries pay 6000€/Year and those from developed countries 10000€ per year but with the scholarship (partial), you will only pay 700€ only per semi semester(every 3 months) or 350€ in 8 instalments which means 2995€ only per year included taxes. 

The potential scenario where close friends or family members choose to study together at our institution(bachelor's or master's degree) , we extend a mutual benefit. In such cases, a reduction of 412 Euros is applied to each student's annual fee. This means that if they  have partial scholarships, they would each pay only 1648 Euros per year. 

At Scandinavian Advanced College, our commitment to holistic skills development remains unwavering, as we strive to ensure education is accessible and accommodating to all, regardless of their economic backgrounds


4. Scandinavian Advanced College(SCAC) scholarships and job's opportunities to students

At Scandinavian Advanced College, we extend a yearly limited invitation for scholarships to students from developing countries and limited scholarships to students from developed countries. You can apply and get an offer or reach out to us on LinkedIn where our employees can help you and offer you scholarships. These scholarships are designed for diligent individuals who demonstrate exceptional dedication to their studies but lack the financial means to pursue education at our esteemed institution.

Furthermore, we take pride in presenting our Erasmus Traineeship Program and Erasmus+ opportunities. These programs allow our students to engage in transformative experiences by either studying or working abroad as part of a traineeship. This not only enriches their academic journey but also provides valuable cross-cultural exposure and skill development


5. What is the success rate of master's graduates in terms of employment or further education?

Our master's graduates have a strong track record of success in terms of securing employment or pursuing further education. Most of our students are hired by United Nations and other international companies. You can find information about alumni outcomes and career services on our website

6. What is the application deadline for master's programs?

Application deadlines can vary depending on the program and whether you're applying for the fall or spring semester. You can find the specific application deadlines for each program on our website

7. What is the completion time for online programs, and can I study at my own pace?

Completion times for online programs vary by degree and individual pacing. You can often study at your own pace, and the university provides flexibility to accommodate working professionals and other commitments.

8. Are there specific support services for online students?

Yes, we offer support services tailored to online students, including academic advising, online tutoring, technical support, and access to digital libraries and resources. These resources are designed to help online students succeed in their studies.

9. How long it takes to get admission feedback?

It usually take 1-2 weeks, for more details reach us out via

10. We highly welcome African students to apply:

As we offer partial scholarships to Algerians, Angolans, Beninese, Batswana, Burkinabé, Burundians, Cape Verdeans, Cameroonians, Central Africans, Chadians, Comorians, Congolese, Djiboutians, Egyptians, Equatorial Guineans, Eritreans, Swazi, Ethiopians, Gabonese, Gambians, Ghanaians, Guineans, Bissau-Guineans, Ivorians, Kenyans, Basotho, Liberians, Libyans, Malagasies, Malawians, Malians, Mauritanians, Mauritians, Moroccans, Mozambicans, Namibians, Nigeriens, Nigerians, Rwandans, Sao Tomeans, Senegalese, Seychellois, Sierra Leoneans, Somalis, South Africans, South Sudanese, Sudanese, Tanzanians, Togolese, Tunisians, Ugandans, Zambians, Zimbabweans.

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