Scholarship Opportunities Available


1. Faculty of Business and Management

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Leadership (BL)
  • Bachelor of Finance (BF)
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (BE)
  • Bachelor of Marketing (BM)
  • Bachelor in Management (BM)
  • Master's in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master's in Leadership and Management (MLM)
  • Master's in Procurement management (MPM)
  • Master's in Operations and Supply Chain Management (MOSCM)
  • Master's in Human resources management (HRM)
  • Master's in Project management (MPM)
  • Master's in Sales and Management (MSM)
  • Master's in Logistics (ML)

Academic Director: Professor Anders Jensen| Email:

2. Faculty of Economics and Development

  • Bachelor of Economics (BE)
  • Bachelor of International Relations and Business (BIRB)
  • Bachelor of Sustainable Business (BSB)
  • Bachelor of International Trade (BIT)
  • Bachelor of Public Policy and Economic Development (PPED)
  • Master's in Economic development (MED)
  • Master's in Sustainability (MS)
  • Master of Sustainable Development (MSD)
  • Master's in International Development (MID)
  • Master's in International Commerce (MIC)
  • PhD in Economic Development and Innovation Ecosystem

 Academic Director: Professor Teodoro Medeiros| Email:

3. Faculty of Law and Governance

  • Master's in Procurement (MP)
  • Master's in International Law (MIL)
  • Master's in Business Law (MBL)
  • Master's in Aerospace Law (MAL)
  • Master's in Public Administration (MPA)
  • PhD in Sustainable Business Strategies for the 21st Century
  • PhD in Financial Markets and Risk Management
  • PhD International Trade and Economic Integration
  • PhD (with your own topic)

Academic Director: Professor Steffen Berg| Email:

4. Faculty of Health and Management

  • Pharmacy Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Master's in Teaching (MT)
  • Master's in Digital Marketing (MDM)
  • Master's in International Hospitality (MIH)
  • Master of Environmental Management (MEM)
  • Master's in Content Development and Management (MCDM)

Academic Director: Professor Matthias Olsen| Email:


40+ professors from various universities and fields have partnered with us through LinkedIn.
50 representatives around the world
120 sales consultants
200+ enrolled students

We currently have 10 researchers
Management team of 30 people

By the end of 2024, Scandinavian advanced college will hire 100+ more sales consultants and 50 more business consultants from all over the world.

Information for Faculty/Staff/Students:

We are thrilled to announce a monumental step forward in shaping the future of Scandinavian Advanced College - a groundbreaking partnership with LinkedIn that promises to redefine the educational landscape for our students.

Collaborating with the Best: This partnership brings together a dynamic group of professors from renowned universities and experts from various international companies and organizations. As members of our esteemed academic community, you play an integral role in this collaboration, aiming to enhance the learning experience for our students.

Enriching the Educational Landscape: Our students will now have the unique advantage of learning from the brightest minds in academia and industry. The integration of LinkedIn Learning into our curriculum ensures that theoretical knowledge is complemented by practical skills, providing a holistic educational experience.

Empowering the Future Workforce: As faculty and staff, you hold a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey of our students. This partnership goes beyond traditional teaching; it is about preparing the next generation for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in their professional lives. Your expertise and guidance will contribute significantly to the development of future professionals and leaders.

Strategic Vision for Tomorrow: This collaboration with LinkedIn is a strategic move by our development team to create a future-ready educational system. We believe that by offering a platform where faculty can engage with industry experts, we are not just imparting knowledge but fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth.

Your Role in the Education Revolution: As members of the Scandinavian Advanced College community, your dedication to excellence and commitment to education are what make our institution thrive. This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, and we are confident that your involvement will significantly impact the success of this endeavor.

Embrace the Future with Us: We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey, shaping the educational landscape for generations to come. Your passion, expertise, and dedication will be instrumental in propelling Scandinavian Advanced College to new heights.

Together, let us usher in a new era of education that not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also equips our students with practical skills for the challenges of the professional world.

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