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Master's in Aerospace Law (MAL)

Embark on an advanced academic journey at the intersection of law and aerospace with our Master's in Aerospace Law (MAL), a specialized program offered by the Faculty of Law and Governance at Scandinavian Advanced College. Tailored for legal professionals and individuals with an interest in the legal complexities of the aerospace industry, this program equips you with advanced knowledge and skills to navigate the unique legal challenges within the aerospace sector.

Master's in Aerospace Law (MAL):

Deepen your understanding of aviation law, space law, and the legal frameworks that govern aerospace activities. The MAL program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and advanced perspective on the intricate relationship between law and the aerospace industry.

Curriculum Highlights:

Aviation Law:

Explore legal principles related to air transportation, aviation safety, liability, and regulatory compliance in the aviation sector.

Space Law:

Delve into the legal aspects of space activities, including satellite launches, space exploration, and the use of outer space for commercial and scientific purposes.

Regulatory Compliance in Aerospace:

Gain insights into the complex regulatory landscape governing aerospace operations, ensuring compliance with international, national, and industry-specific regulations.

Emerging Issues in Aerospace Law:

Explore current and emerging legal challenges in the aerospace industry, including issues related to emerging technologies, environmental considerations, and international cooperation.

Study Path: Upon admission to the program and completion of administrative processes, you will receive a personalized study path. This may include access to relevant academic resources, research materials, and collaboration platforms to enhance your learning experience.

Time Commitment: Master's programs typically require a significant time commitment. The specific time dedication will depend on the course structure and your individual pace of study. Expect to invest a substantial amount of time in research, coursework, and potentially a thesis or capstone project.

Faculty Expertise: Benefit from the expertise of our faculty within the Faculty of Law and Governance. Professors, legal scholars, and practitioners with extensive experience in aerospace law will guide you through advanced concepts and real-world applications.

Ready to Navigate the Legal Skies of Aerospace? If you are ready to deepen your expertise in aerospace law, click 'Apply' now. Our admissions team will promptly review your application, and you can expect to hear back from us within a reasonable timeframe. Join Scandinavian Advanced College and explore the legal complexities within the aerospace industry through the Master's in Aerospace Law program.